Seriously Healthy

Seriously Healthy is the company behind the popular SER!OUS Smoothies range, as well as SER!OUS Fruit, and the recently launched SER!OUS Organic! 

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Seriously Healthy's focus is promotion and distribution of both the SER!OUS brand and private label packing.  We have distribution opportunities for SER!OUS still available in certain markets. 

Introducing SER!OUS Organic

Our newest range of products to hit the supermarket freezers. We are super proud of this range, which can be found at Coles stores throughout Australia! Learn more about SER!OUS Organic here. 


SER!OUS Organic Retail Range

Certified organic fruits from the best growers in the world, you can get your hands on this range from Coles Australia. 

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SER!OUS Smoothies Cafe range

Delicious flavors specifically designed to optimise smoothie sales in cafes. Each pouch is the perfect proportion of ingredients to make a smoothie consistent in taste every time. 

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IQF Fruit Supply

Seriously Healthy Ltd is a supplier of IQF fruits and vegetables to New Zealand & Australian supermarkets and food service distributors. 


Seriously Healthy specialises in portion controlled packing. We pack various combinations of ingredients from fruits and vegetables to nuts and seeds. These can be packed into pouches ranging from 50g to 1kg.

We currently co-pack for a number of international clients and have capacity for further co-packing opportunities.