Seriously Healthy

Seriously Healthy is a manufacture and marketing company specialising in portion controlled IQF fruit products.

Seriously Healthy supplies both foodservice and retail products across the Pacific & Asian regions. 

Seriously Healthy's focus is promotion and distribution of both the SER!OUS brand and private label packing.  We have distribution opportunities for SER!OUS still available in certain markets. 


Seriously Healthy manufactures and sells a number of branded products. 

These fall under the following brands:

SER!OUS Smoothies      SER!OUS Foodservice  

SER!OUS Smoothies with Protein          SER!OUS Indulgence

SER!OUS Fruit          SER!OUS Organic

IQF Fruit Supply

Seriously Healthy Limited is a supplier of IQF fruits and vegetables to New Zealand supermarkets and foodservice distributors. 

SER!OUS Smoothies Retail Range

The SER!OUS Smoothies retail range is presented in an eye catching recyclable carton. Each carton contains two 125g pre-portioned smoothie pouches. Each pouch is filled with a  combination of fruits, nuts, seeds and superfoods, designed to keep you full for longer. 

Just add a single pouch to a blender with liquid and blend for a 250mL smoothie. 

SER!OUS Smoothies are the ideal product for sale within a retail environment. The range is currently available in 1500+ stores throughout New Zealand and Australia. 

SER!OUS Indulgence

A decadent treat, SERIOUS Indulgence smoothies combine fruit, nuts, superfoods and chocolate.

Designed to be blended with milk for the perfect tasty treat. 

Available in both a 2x125g retail pack format, as well as a 180g foodservice pack. 


The SER!OUS fruit retail range is packed in eye-catching, clean packaging which draws the customer to the product. The range of products each have a clear colour banner making the product sit well as a family and encourages multi basket purchases. 

Available: avocado, mango, banana, blueberries, mixed berries, strawberries, pineapple.

Other fruits available upon request or for export. 


Four delicious flavours specifically designed to optimise smoothie sales in your store.

Each pouch is the perfect proportion of mixed ingredients which, when blended by your staff, makes a lovely smoothie

Our smoothie flavours contain only the freshest fruits & vegetables which are snap frozen. All your staff need to do is open the pouch, add to the blender, add liquid (250ml) and blend. It’s that easy!

Private Label

Seriously Healthy has manufacturing capabilities in New Zealand to cover the South Pacific, as well as in Chile, South America. 

Seriously Healthy Specializes in portion controlled packing. We pack various combinations of products including IQF fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, superfoods, proteins, tablets and ice. These can be packed into bags ranging from 50g to 1kg.

We currently co-pack for a number of international clients and have capacity for further co-packing opportunities.

Seriously Healthy can also assist with the end to end process, from raw material sourcing to packaging design and compliance.  

Production Capability Snapshot

6-8+ individual ingredient combinations. 

Each product can be individually proportion controlled. No blending required before weighing. 

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