SER!OUS Smoothies for your cafe!

Consumers are becoming more educated around health & wellness, and in turn are making more informed decisions when purchasing food & beverages. Smoothies made with syrups and powders are becoming increasingly less desirable and we’ve found customers are after quality products – and are willing to pay for it!

The SER!OUS Smoothies café range consists of a wide range of smoothie flavours which have been specifically designed for foodservice environments. The perfectly proportioned mix of ingredients in each pack delivers a thick smoothie consistent in taste.

SER!OUS Smoothie Cafe Range Product Features:

A real fruit smoothie, quick and easy to make

100% natural & allergy friendly - GF, DF, Vegan

No added sugar & low fat

High $ GP, High Margin

Reduced labour costs

No food wastage, minimal prep time

No ice required

Carton size = 12 x 180g smoothie pouches

  • Convenient

    Staff can make a smoothie in under 30 seconds by just adding a pouch to the blender with liquid - no ice required!

  • Reduced labour costs

    No more chopping, dicing, packing and unpacking ingredients, minimising production time.

  • Reliable taste

    A great tasting smoothie, every time. Consistent and reliable. No room for error, and no change in taste.

  • No food wastage

    Our pouches are packed with just the right proportion of fruit meaning there is no food wastage.

  • High $ GP

    A high gross profit product for your business, and the perfect extension to your drinks range.

  • Return customers

    A consistent smoothie for you, means a reliable product that customers will want to return for.


Product FAQ

Liquid Recommendations

50% apple juice & 50% water (our recommendation!)

Apple juice

Coconut water


Milk alternatives - oat, soy, coconut, almond etc.


Storage Instructions

Keep frozen until use. Do not refreeze.

Shelf Life

24 months from manufacture

Product call outs

Vegan, gluten free, dairy free, no added sugar, low fat.

Product Specifications

Pouch weight: 180g

Pouch format: clear sealed pillow pouch

Carton size: 12 x 180g pouches

Carton weight: 2.16kg

Carton format: printed cardboard (recyclable)

Mixing Instructions

Add contents of smoothie pouch to blender with 250ml liquid and blend for 20 seconds.

Serve in either a 450ml glass or 16oz takeaway cup.

Where To Buy

New Zealand: Bidfood, Foodchain, Gilmours, Service Foods, Star Foods, NZ Food Depot

Australia: Bidfood, PFD, Global Food & Wine, Superior Foods

For information on where to find your local SER!OUS Smoothie Distributor, get in touch with the relevant contact at the bottom of this page!

Contact us

For information or to request samples of the cafe range please contact

New Zealand:

Kirsty Willdridge or call 021 264 9474


Simon Lowe or call 1800 260 884


Samuel Rosser or call +64 27 406 7289