SER!OUS Fruit Chocolate Bites

SER!OUS Fruit Bites are the newest addition to the SER!OUS range. Combining our signature sweet fruit with creamy chocolate, resulting in a tasty and nutritious bite sized snack, SER!OUS Fruit Bites really are addictive - not that that's a bad thing!


Tasty and nutritious bite sized snack

Enjoy between meals or as a delicious dessert

Vegan & Gluten Free

Perfect for the whole family to enjoy

Two options - pineapple & banana

Convenient resealable pouch

  • Anywhere, Anytime!

    Enjoy as a snack throughout the day, an after dinner dessert, lunchbox filler or even a smoothie bowl topping!

  • Allergy Friendly

    We chose to use vegan, gluten free chocolate to ensure nobody has to miss out on SER!OUS Fruit Bites.

  • Delicious Yet Nutritious

    We have used our A-grade quality fruit, packed full of nutrients, and coated pieces in a delicious layer of chocolate. Yum!

Product FAQ

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Gluten Free

Storage Instructions

Keep frozen until use. Do not refreeze.

Country of Origin

Costa Rica




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