SER!OUS Organic

We are super proud of our selection of fruits within the SER!OUS Organic range. Each of the fruits are certified organic and free from pesticides and chemicals.

This means that through consuming SER!OUS Organic fruit you will reduce your pesticide intake and also help to promote pesticide free farming practices. Not only this, the fruits are A-grade and snap frozen to preserve taste & freshness – they really are delicious!

Why organic?

Certified organic fruit from the best growers

Spray & pesticide free

A-grade fruit

Snap frozen to preserve taste & freshness

Five delicious variants

  • Pesticide Free

    Reduce your pesticide intake by choosing organic frozen fruit - we ensure each of our growers are certified organic.

  • Snap Frozen

    Our fruit is snap frozen to ensure retention of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients, creating healthy & delicious products.

  • Versatile

    Whether you use SER!OUS Organic fruits for baking, smoothies, fruit salads or just snacking, the options are endless.

Product FAQ

Organic Certifications

Storage Instructions

Keep frozen until use. Do not refreeze.

Country of Origin

Blueberries: Chile

Strawberries: Chile

Mixed Berries: Chile

Raspberries: Chile

Mango: Peru


New Zealand

North Island: New World stores

South Island: Select New World, Pak N Save & Fresh Choice stores


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Phone: +64 9 281 2544


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